There is a wide range of different languages in our world. But I think that exploring the “modern visual language" is the highlight of this age. Modern visual language can influence people's minds and emotions, or even somehow change or form opinions in some ways ...

God is Close


God is Close.

Director & Writer: Ali Vazirian
Cast & Crew: Babak Hammidian, Elnaz Shakerdoost,
Saeed Nikpour, Mina Jafarzaeh, Safar Roohi, Ellahe Bavand
Producer: Javad nouroozbigi
Director of photography: Mohammad Taqi Pakssima
Editor: Hassan Hassandost
Music: Bardia Kiarass
Costume Designer: Ali Vazirian
Sound: Mohammad Reza Delpak
Sound Recordist: Mehran Malakooti
Make up: Saeed Malekan
Year of Production: 2006
Running time: 86 mins. / 35mm, Color, Dolby SR,

The people who live in Reza's village think of him as a simple minded young man. He transports passengers through the road which has been destroyed by flood on his motor bike when he meets a young girl who's the new teacher of the village school and falls in love with her. A love so pure that ends in driving him crazy and it seems like only a miracle can save him.
"God is Close" is Vazirian's first feature film and it is about love from a spiritual point of view which ends to a miraculous experience.

This movie received the honorary diploma for the best first film director at the 25th Fajr International Film Festival 2007 (Iran) and won the special prize of "Don Tonino Bello" from the10th Religion Today Film Festival in Italy (2007).

خدا نزدیک است
نویسنده و کارگردان: علی وزیریان
مدیرفیلمبرداری : محمد تقی پاک سیما
تدوین : حسن حسندوست
صدابردار : مهران ملکوتی
صداگذاری و میکس : محمد رضا دلپاک
موسیقی : بردیا کیارس
تهیه کننده و مجری طرح : جواد نوروزبیگی
بازیگران: بابک حمیدیان، الناز شاکردوست، سعید نیک پور، مینا جعفرزاده،الهه باوند، صفر روحی


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